Given a question in the subject of PP.SE: Consequences to unfinished tasks/projects/goals. Any evidence?

Many of these questions end like Are there any scientific backup to support this theory?

Which results in a comment Possible question for Skeptics.SE?

The options are:

  1. We keep the questions on Personal Productivity, it's obviously our expertise.

  2. We migrate it to Skeptics.SE, they are good at looking for proof/evidence/research/...

  3. We put up guidelines when the question is eligible to stay or to be migrated.

Now, what do you think we should do with them?


I think if we think we have the expertise and it would otherwise be on topic it should stay here.


I strongly disagree with migrations for similar questions. A lot of the other SE sites almost make scientific citations a requirement. Skeptics are good for quick, shallow research, often things that can be quickly Googled up.

On the other hand, CogSci SE often has a lot of overlap with some of the questions here, especially in regards of motivation and psychology. But the question is too low quality to be moved there, as Cogsci expects others to show their research first before posing a question.


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