Where are we today?

Doing a comparison of back in the days and now, we have appeared to improve on everything except for the amount of questions per day. We've went from 2 questions per day to almost 1 question per day. As a logical result, this results in more answers on existing questions.

The amount of avid / total users can only increase so is pretty meaningless, yet we can see that the influx of new users has decreased over time. Five times as much days and we reached a bit more than the double, that's bad. It seems most people are only answering questions, which means...

We aren't getting any new content!

It doesn't matter if you visit the site now or in a week, you get to see the same old questions past when you scroll past the first screen you are presented.

The below (clikable) images allow for a good comparison:

We have slightly more visits than back in the days, but that is meaningless if the rest is bad.

What must we do from now on?

We need to get some fresh content into our site, there are many ways to do this:

  • Ask new questions, they are surely problems out there that could use some help. Otherwise people like David Allen would have no work. Speaking of which, do we have any advice on finding the root causes of procrastination and/or bad productivity? Go ask about it... ;)

  • Answering your own questions is fine; perhaps you have solved a productivity problem lately?

  • Broaden the scope by broadening the scope (aka nag the SE team), I really feel that we would benefit from this because it's all about life improvement. But I'm yet to see this acted upon...

  • Broaden the scope by coming up with new topics, asking questions about something new within Personal Productivity helps widen the people we are targetting and will make our site easier to find.

  • Keep promoting our site, they surely is some gold content to share around the internet.

While this list lists some good options, feel free to use this meta question for discussing other approaches...


For further reading, check out the questions and answers of:


I would suggest to broaden the scope. I am far from a personal productivity expert, but I believe that the subject matter is not that wide ranging, and hence this is where we are right now.

The broadening of the scope could include the following areas.

  • productivity of the family life
  • productivity from a healthy lifestyle perspective
  • productivity from a work-commuting angle.
  • productivity for the work environment.

There was recently a (now deleted) proposal in Area 51 - Efficiency and Organization - that highlights two of the topics that border productivity and might be good areas for scope expansion. Certainly, my interest in productivity was a naturally evolving offshoot of a lifetime love of organization.

That proposal seems to have been deleted in the last hour? – Tom Wijsman Mar 16 '12 at 22:40
Dang, that was fast. On the upside, makes it easier for us to claim efficiency and/or organization if we want 'em. – Belisama Mar 16 '12 at 22:55

I just realised that efficiently performing housework is another topic that appears on scope and will allow us to ask many more questions. think I just asked the first question in this category: Sweeping a wet bathroom floor

Yes, it would fall under "Life Improvement". Just starting to ask questions under that scope could widen the scope naturally, good idea... – Tom Wijsman Mar 30 '12 at 11:00

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