We had the first question about memorization just a few days ago. Now this is a very interesting topic involving all areas of expertise but is it relevant for a productivity Q&A site? Can the meaning of productivity be extended to anything that can be done more efficiently?

Added: I define productivity as 'Output over time'

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I think you can make the case that memorization is on-topic provided it helps you accomplish some task with greater efficiency (larger output/time...)

So, memorizing digits of π probably doesn't belong here. Memorizing US capitols probably doesn't fly either, unless you can make a case for not being able to solve the problem that requires recalling them some other way. But memorizing names? I can at least imagine a scenario where that would work...

But, but doesn't mean memorization is the best way to solve the problem. So here's a test: does the question spec out a real problem the asker needs to solve that isn't better solved using some other technique (say, "I'm taking orders and need to remember customer names quickly without taking the time to write them down"). If the asker doesn't have a real problem, then it's not a real question.


I don't have a firm opinion on this question, but I suppose since the LifeHacking Area 51 proposal was killed because this site was started, a certain consideration should be given to a topic that most people would consider within the realm of LifeHacking but perhaps wouldn't immediately associate with personal productivity.


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