A question about GTD apps for Android was recently migrated from SO. My gut says this question needs to be closed or merged, but I can't put my finger on the reason, so I haven't done anything yet.

I'd like to get feedback from others. My issues:

  • It's very similar to an existing question about RTM and GTD, but it is a little broader because it's looking for an app recommendation, not asking how to use RTM to implement GTD.
  • The question is confusing because the last sentence seems like a totally separate topic that's already answered on the site (see my comment).
  • The question indicates the OP has already tried RTM, but the only answer (also by the OP) indicates RTM is the solution for them.

The whole thing is just wierd and I'm hoping the community can provide some feedback.

Strange question: answered and accepted by the same user with minimal detail... – Dmitry Selitskiy Jul 21 '11 at 20:10
I agree that it is two questions. Maybe split and merge the RMT/GTD part? Moot point since it was accepted. – Jeanne Boyarsky Jul 22 '11 at 1:48
@dmitry +1 ROFL i wouldnt have thought this is possible at all on SE, eventually only on META sites?! – Hauser Jul 24 '11 at 16:15
@Hauser Well actually, Dmitry's comment was about the post I mention in my question, not about this question--although now that you mention it, I asked and answered by own meta question. That said, it wasn't the self-answer and accepting that bothered me, that's a totally legitimate SE use case that's been advocated on the SE blog. What bothered me was what I described below. – Adam Wuerl Jul 24 '11 at 18:33
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I decided that what was really bugging me was the blurry distinction drawn by the OP's original question and self-answer.

The question included information about a bunch of GTD-compatible apps they had tried, but because they didn't give any information about why they felt these apps fell short (except for the lone comment about "reminders"), it wasn't clear how the list was adding anything meaningful to the question. That is, it wasn't clear what deficiency these apps had in common that they were looking to solve with a recommendation from the community.

This confusion was further exacerbated by the OP answering their own question and stating that they ultimately settled on a solution they had listed in the question above. As if between the two posts some new function had been added to RTM that solved their issue.

The solution I've settled on--and implemented in the question and lone answer--was to strip the list of tools they'd tried from the question and move it to the answer. Now it reads as a question about GTD apps (for Android), with a hanger about integration with Pomodoro, which I would have loved to expand on but didn't because the OP didn't give any further hints at what they were hoping for, and the answer contains a list of apps they tried, the one they ultimately suggested and a couple of links about how to implement GTD in RTM.

I feel much better now and thanks Jeanne for your comment, which was the trigger for me re-thinking the whole thing in this new light.


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